Email and Newsletter Directions

To send an email to a role, click the desired role. To attach a file, click the Advanced Settings button and look for the attachment area. When ready, you can click Preview, and then click Send after any final adjustments. If adding emails to the Additional Emails area, separate with a semicolon and no space.


Email and Newsletter Area

Select the User or Roles that are to receive this message, e.g. 'User1', 'Administrators' or 'Registered Users'.
You can add Email addresses, separated by a ";".
Enter the 'From' email address of the email message.
Enter the 'ReplyTo' email address for the email message.
Enter the subject of this message.
Select the editor to use
Select an Attachment for this message.
Does the text contain any tokens, that shall be replaced with current environment values?
Note: User tokens are not replaced, if send method is "BCC"
Select the priority for this message.
Select the method for this email to be sent.
Select, how emails should be sent - Synchronous - emails are sent immediately - you will not be able to return to the application until this has completed or Asynchronous - emails are sent as a background task - you will be able to continue to do other tasks while this is being completed..