Unitarian Universalist Sermons and Other Writings

Here is a collection of Unitarian Universalist sermons and other writings about the conflict in Israel-Palestine. The opinions expressed in these documents do not necessarily reflect the views of Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East. Please contact us at uujme@uujme.org if you are interested in having your writing included here.

  The Life and Religious Message of Rachel Corrie (by Rev. David Herndon, May 28, 2006)

  The Story of Rachel Corrie (a play by Madeline Izzo)

  End the Oppression of the Palestinian People: A Call to Conscience on the Sixtieth
  Anniversary of al-Nakba (Proposed Action of Immediate Witness, 2008 General Assembly)

  Journey to Israel and Palestine (by Rev. Kim Beach, January 4, 2009)

  Gaza and the Moral Failure of Zionism (by Don McInnes, January 7, 2009)

  Homily for 'Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza' (by Rev. David Herndon, May 24, 2009)

  Grappling with Goliath (by Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff)

  Oh, Jerusalem (by Rev. Bill Breeden, February 21, 2010)  <-- Winner of the 2010 UUJME Sermon Contest

  Waking Up to Shatter the Silence (by Hanan Watson, 2011) <--  Winner of the 2011 UUJME Sermon Contest

  Be Not Afraid: Truth Telling and Justice Seeking (by Rev. Jason Lydon, 2011) <-- Runner-up in the 2011 UUJME Sermon Contest

 "Waking Up and Overcoming:  A Unitarian Universalist Response to the Israel-Palestine Conflict" (by Jill Baker, 2012)  <-- Winner of the 2012 UUJME Sermon Contest

  "How My World Was Turned Upside Down" (by Debbie Espen, 2012) <--Runner up in the 2012 UUJME Sermon Contest

  "The Promised Land" (by Galina L. de Roeck, 2013) <-- Winner of the 2013 UUJME Sermon Contest

  "Living Somewhere" (by Heather Concannon, 2013) <-- Runner up in the 2013 UUJME Sermon Contest

  "Seeing Ourselves From the Other Side of the Wall" (by Jon Peterson, M.D., 2013)